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Leñas Herrera
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Leñas Herrera is a company dedicated to sale and distribution of orange, olive and oak firewood of the best quality, cut into pieces from 30 to 40 cms. 

We also offer the possibility of cutting the firewood in special measures.

Firewood in sacks of 20 Kilos, 250 and 500 Kilos or in bulk per cubic meters.

Entrance and arrangement of firewood where the customer indicates, prior warning when ordering. (Consult prices).

Whether you have a suitable vehicle, have also the possibility to come to our facilities, Road to Barx, at 2 Km. from Gandia.


It is the most ecological natural fuel.

It is a fuel element without power of explosion.

It has a high calorific power.

The price of the firewood is reasonably economic in comparison with other fuels like him (diesel, gas, electricity etc…).

Free home delivery service for individuals, ovens, pizzerias, etc...

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